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You might be wondering why Joel Wallach calls his famous nutritional formula for arthritis sufferers the "PIG PAK" He does so, actually, with a bit of a smile on his face. It refers back to his days as a veterinarian and to his days working with zoo animals and laboratory animals.

In the lab setting, Joel Wallach made the startling discovery that nearly every degenerative disease (arthritis included) can be linked, directly and causally, to nutritional deficiencies. Veterinarians routinely prevent and treat ailments in animals using nutritional tools. Joel Wallach’s conviction that people, too, can be well served by using such strategies, led him to return to school, become a physician and eventually to open up his own family practice. Since that time Joel Wallach has seen tens of thousands of people, just like you, benefit enormously from his formulas.

Much of Joel Wallach’s reputation is due to the phenomenal success of his Pig PACK. It really works! If you are serious about turning things around for yourself, if you are serious about giving your body the tools it needs to function optimally, take the Pig Pack following Joel Wallach’s recommendations to the letter: DO NOT DEVIATE FROM THE FORMULA. Each component in the formula plays a crucial role in aiding the body to re-build bone and cartilage. Joel Wallach calls for JOEL WALLACH’S products because they are the best. Other companies, aware of Joel Wallach’s popularity have tried to imitate his products. Imitation, though, is not duplication.

To answer the question "Why are Joel's products the best?" Click Here

Joel  Wallach’s Pig Pack

Your Pig Pak will contain the following products:

2 Majestic Earth Ultimate Tangerine (32 oz. ea.)

2 Majestic Earth Minerals (32 oz. ea.)

1 Ultimate EFA Capsules (60 capsules)

1 Ultimate Gluco-Gel Capsules (120 capsules)

$140.00 wholesale for a one-month supply, taking it twice a day.

What is in the Pig Pak and why is it so important?

The Majestic Earth Ultimate Classic and the Majestic Earth Minerals contains the following vitamins, minerals, & amino acids in each one-ounce serving: (see table to the right).

The M.E. Ultimate Classic contains a base of 50% M.E. Plant Derived Minerals, and the balance contains all 16 vitamins, 12 amino acids, and major minerals. The M.E. Minerals contains all 60 essential PLANT DERIVED minerals. In addition to these nutrients, you must take the Ultimate EFA (Essential Fatty Acids) in order to obtain the entire 90 essential nutrients. The EFA contains flax seed oil, & borage seed oil, which supplies your body with the essential fatty acids: Omega 3, 6 and 9. With these three products you now have your 90 ESSENTIAL NUTRIENTS. Remember, when your body is missing one essential nutrient for a period of time, eight to ten diseases can occur.

Joel Wallach has included in the Pig Pak, the Ultimate Gluco-Gel. The Gluco-Gel contains manganese, gelatin, and glucosamine sulphate, which have been shown to actually build, and repair cartilage and can provide significant relief from pain and inflammation associated with arthritis and osteoarthritis.

How to take your Pig Pak:

Pour 1 ounce of each of the liquid M.E. Ultimate Classic and M.E. Minerals in a glass of orange juice and mix well. Take 2 Gluco-Gel and 1 EFA. Do this morning and night.

The Pig Pak is the foundation of your nutritional program; you may be advised to add a few products to it to round out your needs depending on your health challenges.

Supplement Facts

Vitamin A 10,000 IU  200%
Vitamin C 1,000 mg 1667%
Vitamin D3   200 IU    50%
Vitamin E   200 IU  667%
Vitamin K   30 mcg   38%
Vitamin B1 (Thiamine)    30 mg 2000%
Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin)    30 mg 1765%
Vitamin B3 (Niacin)    30 mg  150%
Vitamin B5 (Panthothenic Acid)  150 mg 1000%
Vitamin B6 (Pryidoxine)    30 mg 1500%
Vitamin B12 (Cyanocobalamin)  500 mcg 8333%
Folic Acid  400 mcg  100%
Biotin  300 mcg  100%
Calcium  600 mg   60%
Iron     4 mg   22%
Magnesium  300 mg   75%
Zinc    15 mg  100%
Selenium   100 mcg  143%
Copper      1 mg    50%
Manganese      5 mg  250%
Chromium   200 mcg  167%
Potassium   100 mg      3%
Choline    30 mg    +
Inositol    30 mg    +
Boron     1 mg    +
Amino Acid Mix: proprietary formula-alanine, arginine, aspartic acid, cystine, glutamic acid, glygine, histidine, isoleucine, leucine, lysine, methionine, phenylalanine, proline, serine, threonine, tyrosine, and valine   125 mg    +
Grape Seed    25 mg    +
Coenzyme Q-10      5 mg    +
Dimethylgycine    25 mg    +
Para-amino benzoic acid    30 mg    +
Bioflavonoids    13 mg    +
Glucono delta lactone   150 mg    +
Plus the following plant derived minerals: Calcium, Chlorine, Magnesium, Phosphorus, Potassium, Sodium, Sulfur, Antimony, Arsenic, Aluminum Hydroxide, Barium, Beryllium, Bismuth, Boron, Bromine, Cadmium, Carbon, Cerium, Cesium, Chromium, Cobalt, Copper, Dysprosium, Erbium, Europium, Fluorine, Gadolinium, Gallium, Germanium, Gold, Hafnium, Holmium, Hydrogen, Indium, Iodine, Iridium, Iron, Lanthanum, Lead, Lithium, Lutetium, Manganese, Mercury, Molybdenum, Neodymium, Nickel, Nitrogen, Osmium, Oxygen,  Palladium, Platinum, Praseodymium, Rhenium, Rhodium, Rubidium, Ruthenium, Samarium, Scandium, Selenium, Silicon, Silver, Strontium,  Tantalum, Tellurium,  Terbium, Thallium, Thorium, Thulium, Tin, Titanium, Tungsten, Vanadium, Ytterbium, Yttrium, Zinc, Zirconium      600 mg    +

Percent daily values based on 2,000-calorie diet.

+ Daily Value not established.

Information listed deemed reliable but not guaranteed.

Some of you familiar with Joel Wallach's writings may notice that Joel Wallach's Pig Pack, as it appears above, is slightly different from his original formula. The difference is that the new (improved) formula calls for Ultimate GlucoGEL at the rate of four capsules, twice daily, instead of the half ounce of Knox brand gelatin. Like the Knox, GlucoGEL contains the crucial components chondroitin sulfate and collagen. UNLIKE the Knox, GlucoGEL additionally contains glucosamine sulfate. Glucosamine sulfate complements chondroitin sulfate and collagen and enhances their ability to repair bone and cartilage. There have been two books which have topped the N.Y. Times best seller list which lay down a very tight scientific argument for the use of chondroitin sulfate, glucosamine sulfate and collagen in combating degenerative arthritis. These books are: The Arthritis Cure, by Jason Theodosakis M.D., M.S., M.R.H. and Pain Free by Jason Bucci. PhD., C.C.N. Recently Dr. Wallach has refined his pig arthritis formula to include glucosamine sulfate and in so doing has given a professional nod to the excellent work and service to the public done by Dr. Theodosakis and Dr. Bucci.

Joel Wallach has developed an exciting product. Ultimate GlucoGel which contains glucosamine sulfate, chondroitin sulfate, and collagen all in the precise proportion necessary to complement and enhance the other constituents of the arthritis formula. It comes in a softgel capsule, is easy to use, convenient to travel with, makes no mess and is competitively priced. In addition Ultimate GlucoGel is REMARKABLY AFFORDABLE. A recent comparison between Ultimate GlucoGel and similar products sold at two of the leading national health food chains showed that Ultimate GlucoGel is approximately 1/2 the price of these products!

According to Joel Wallach: To enhance the effectiveness of the formula it is best to avoid sugar and caffeine and vegetable oil. For most of us this is difficult but any effort to cut back is beneficial. One can use butter instead of margarine. Sugar, even unrefined or so called 'natural' sugar leeches minerals from the body. Our product, Ultimate EFA, is an excellent source of essential fatty acids and complements the formula.

Tips from people who use the formula: If you have above average body weight and are not getting results, try adding an extra ounce or two of the colloidal minerals and doubling up on
the GlucoGEL. If you are following Joel Wallach's advice precisely and still are not getting results consider testing yourself for food allergies (Instructions for this in Joel Wallach's book, "Let's Play Doctor.")

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